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Rangemate Nonstick Microwave Grill Ceramic Coating Pan (Orange)

Range Mate PRO’s patented THERMOPLATE™ technology makes the magic happen. And it’s built right into the cookware! Each Range Mate PRO Professional grill pan has a non-stick ceramic THERMOPLATE™ that turns microwave waves into far infrared heat. If you haven’t heard of far infrared heat, you will soon! It’s becoming the standard in today’s more advanced outdoor grills and expensive professional ovens. That’s because far infrared heat provides faster, hotter, more efficient grilling. With Range Mate PRO Professional grills, you can get these amazing results right in your own microwave.

Rangemate technology prevents electromagnetic wave penetration converting it to infrared energy transferred to the heating plate for moist, flavorful food.

It absorbs microwave generated from the micorwave oven,generates heat,converts into far infrared ray and finally is used as heat source.

Nonstick ceramic coating for easy cleanup

For microwave cooking only

Microwave-safe up to 464F

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