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Relaxium Clinically Proven Natural Sleep Aid | Get a Good Night’s Sleep

As Seen On TV Relaxium — Clinically Proven Natural Sleep Aid

Clinically Proven to Help You… 140% Fall asleep faster 266% Sleep through the night 69% Wake up completely refreshed 80% Enhance focus and concentration.

What are the benefits of Relaxium?

Regulates Sleep Cycle
Regulates your sleep cycle by using only the highest quality and proper levels of ingredients.

Relaxes the Body
Naturally relaxes the body and muscles with Magnesium also known as Mother Nature’s Muscle Relaxer.

Calms the Mind
Calms the mind with clinically proven Sensoril® along with Valerest™ and Passion Flower.

Read What Dr. Eric Ciliberti, M.D. States About Relaxium

“My life’s mission has been to provide my patients and consumers a safe sleep aid that is not only proven to be effective but more importantly, without any of the unwanted side effects.”

Dr. Eric Ciliberti, M.D.
Clinical Neurologist, Sleep Expert, Developer of Relaxium® Sleep Founder, The American Behavioral Research Institute

A Natural Triple-Action Approach to Better Sleep

Revolutionary Triple-Action Formula Containing Clinically Proven Sensoril® and Valerest™, Exclusive to RELAXIUM® Sleep.

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