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Safety Can Opener Express Quickly & Safely Pop the Tops Off Cans

Safety Can Express As Seen On TV

The simplest and best method is to remove covers from cans. When you open canned containers with Safety Can Opener Express, you will have the ability to reuse the surfaces and seal the can for later. It will not leave sharp sides or cut your hands. Now you can pop the complete top off and leave completely smooth edges on the lid and the top of the cans.

Safely & Quickly Pops the Top Off Double Offer

Safety Can Express Opener


Beware. Your old opener may leave knife-like sides. They may cut your hands, or that sharp cover may drop into your can. Check out the new Safety Can Opener Express. You can currently pop the top off and leave perfectly smooth edges on the lid and the can. And after it’s open, the cover stays put. It should not spill, and you can pop the top off to use what is inside—no need for other storage containers.

  • Leaves smooth edges on the top and lid
  • Lid stays in place until you pop the top
  • Breaks the seal without cutting the lid
  • Reuse the lids to seal leftovers easily
  • Works on all types of shapes
  • No more twisting your wrist

Safety Can Express One-Touch Automatic Can Opener

Other openers use sharp blades to cut the lids off. Stop leaving razor-sharp edges. The Safety Express Opener unseals the cover from the side, which leaves much smoother edges. Very easy to use. Lids get placed on top of a can at the factory, and they should be sealed airtight. The Safety Express can open a steel roller driven by rugged gears to break that seal open without cutting into the lid. The result is incredibly smooth edges.

You’ll Wonder Why You Bothered with Those Outdated Can Openers.

special safety can opener express

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