Sales stay plump for Chanhassen-based MyPillow

In just two years, MyPillow in Minnesota has dramatically increased sales and hiring. Give credit to the infomercial. What a difference an infomercial makes.

In 2010, sales of Chanhassen-based MyPillow were about $3 million and the company employed about 60 people.

In 2012, they reached $102 million and the number of employees at the company’s Minnesota plants rose to more than 500.

“We were running the infomercial almost 200 times every day,” said Lindell. By January 2012, it was the No. 1 infomercial, according to Jordan Whitney Greensheet, which ranks infomercials.

Lindell credits a genuine love of his creation as part of its success. He invented it out of necessity after many sleepless nights from neck injuries and failed businesses.