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‘Shark Tank Episode: Red Dress Boutique, Sun-Staches, the Caddie Girls, and Jungle Jumparoo

Jungle Jumparoo – Safety for this kids’ play device was always one of the big concerns, but since the show first aired it has gotten some exposure on some other TV programs, has a slick website, and seems to be going very well. If nothing else, the appearance on the show has gotten more product out there.

The Caddie Girls – Yes, this business is exceptionally gimmicky, but we really are not going to argue with the fact that since the show they have expanded their business to a variety of other major cities and it seems to be going strong.

Red Dress Boutique – We know that they are doing very well thanks to a feature on “Beyond the Tank.” What’s really remarkable to us is that they’ve figured out a way to do this even in spite of the fact that they are a clothing line, one of the hardest businesses to become successful as a result of the show.

Sun-Staches – Yes, this is an incredibly cheesy product, but it is one that has generated huge profits since the show and been featured since.

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