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‘Shark Tank’ review on: Budsies, PullyPalz, Bee Thinking, Forus Athletics

Tonight, “Shark Tank” aired a show that had us very divided when it comes to our predetermined opinions on the products. One of them was one of our favorites based on concept in the history of the show. Meanwhile, we had one that really made us hungry for honey, and a couple others that we really don’t relate to at all.

Now, we are able to present our opinions with context! It’s easy to like something based on an idea, but you still have to figure out how exactly they sound once you include sales and all of the metrics…

Budsies – We still love this idea. The business has problems like a long wait time and a somewhat-heavy price, but we would pay $69 for something that is so creative and original.

Bee Thinking – A product that is all about bees in so many forms. They sell beehives, honey, and a variety of other interesting things

PullyPalz – We really cannot relate to the function of this product, as someone with no babies and no understanding of how this works.

Forus Athletics – An athletic company with a message. They give back to charity, but what we really discounted going into the episode was just the quality of the shoe itself. 
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