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Shark Wheels | Skateboards, Baby Carriages, All Terrain Seen on Shark Tank

California wheel company dedicated to making the most unique, innovative and technologically advanced wheels in the marketplace.

Shark Wheel – The Wheel Reinvented

Shark Wheel makes skateboard and longboard wheels, as well as complete boards. Shark Wheel has placed in numerous competitions, including wins at the Kongsberg Downhill and the Miami Ultraskate. The high performance aspects of the wheels have been scientifically tested against the top wheels in the industry.

Shark Wheels

Speed and longevity advantages were found, registering 15% and 20% gains respectively. Skateboarding/Longboarding remains Shark Wheel’s core market, although many licensing deals are already underway. Expect to see Shark Wheels soon on roller skates, scooters, tricycles, and nearly any market you can imagine with wheels.scription….

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