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Kettle & Fire Bone Broth

Soup made with bone broth! They make healthy (yet delicious) bone broth soups that contain collagen to sustain your skin, hair, joint, and nail health.

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Do All Of Your Soups Contain Bone Broth? YES!

Each carton of their soups contains a whole serving (approximately one mug) of bone brew in addition to the vegetable and meat base. Fire & Kettle intended to produce hashes that instill the flavors they know and love with the entire food collagen and savory preference of the bone broth. Many of their customers who drink bone broth on their own also enjoy soups 2-3 times per week as a change-of-pace way to get back more soup right into their diet plans.

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Why do people tend to love bone broth?

For one, it’s tasty to sip from a mug. Second, consumers find that adding bone broth to their favored recipes (soups, stews, and rice recipes) makes them taste even better.

The #1 reason people consume bone broth is that it’s the definitive whole food resource of collagen. When it’s slow-simmer the grass-fed bones, you obtain not just collagen, but ALL the sustaining nutrients that nature surrounds collagen. That’s a huge offer. Studies have revealed that the body soaks up nutrients more fully as whole foods than as separated supplements.

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