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Simply Fit Board – The Fun Twist Workout Board on Shark Tank

Simply Fit Boardfitness board – The New and Fun Way to Exercise!

The fun, easy way to engage your core in minutes a day!

Easy and fun to use!
Lightweight and portable!
Supports up to 400lbs!
Stores away easily!
Tones abs, legs, entire core!
Improves your balance!

simply fit board

Lori Greiner Exercise Board

A balance board with a twist. The Simply Fit Board has a unique design that makes it easy to get in an efficient workout almost anywhere. Simply place the product on a smooth, firm surface and stand on the board to engage your core, legs, and back while doing basic twists, weight training, knocking out squats and planks, and more.

Special Offer Simply Fit Board

The Workout Board with a Twist
Fun, Easy Way to Engage Your Core in Minutes a Day!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so extremely upset! I had been contemplating purchasing Lori Greiner’s(I really respect Lori!) “Simply Fit” twist board. Recently, I finally purchased this board for myself and my grandchildren. We were all excited to ‘try’ it out. After 15 minutes of using this product, my new laminate floors are scraped, gouged, and completely ‘roughed’ up. Honestly, I dont know what to do! This product has truly ruined my flooring! Lori’s product ‘stated’ that this ‘Simply Fit’ could be used on laminate surfaces. I am hoping that Lori will see/review and take my comment to-heart, as I feel she has a big ‘heart’ and definitely would want to know when her consumers are dissatisfied and feel ‘let down’. Thank You for acknowledging, and hopefully acting’on this matter of deep concern to me.

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