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Slim Cycle Exercise Bike with an Upper Body Workout

Slim Cycle is the 2 for one fitness system that is great for all fitness levels.

Work your cardio and upper body simultaneously in one dynamic, comfortable machine! You can sculpt and tone as little as 10 minutes a day. Slim Cycle is fully adjustable and holds up to 300 lbs. Pedal your way to a leaner, thinner you with Slim Cycle!

Slim Cycle – The 2-In-1 Fitness Bike That Gives You 2X The Results in Half The Time!

  • Great For ALL Fitness Levels
  • Work Your Cardio and Upper Body Simultaneously
  • Folds Down For Easy Storage
  • Built-In Heart Rate Monitor
  • Sculpt & Tone in as Little as 10 Minutes a Day!
  • Fully Adjustable and Holds Up to 300lbs.

Use it as an upright bike for an extreme workout or adjust it to a recumbent bike for a simple exercise. It’s like having two cycles in one. Feel comfortable as you work your leg muscles. It has a plush 2.5-inch exceptional seat padding and also memory foam back-rest that uses for support.

An upright exercise bike, recumbent bike, and upper-body exerciser in one body sculpting, cardio machine! Get twice the results in half the time with Slim Cycle!

Slim Cycle has eight levels of magnetic resistance so you can increase your exercise intensity. A vast, easy-to-read electronic screen makes tracking your progression very easy. Display calories burned, range, speed, and also the number of miles you rode. As well as a built-in heart screen keeps an eye on your target heart rate. Slim Cycle folds in fifty percent like an ironing board so you can wheel it away in a storage room or under a bed. Change your body with Slim Cycle!

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