Sock Aid and Stocking Assist | Flexible Plastic W/Terry Covered Non-Slip Resistance Surface | Easy Putting Up and Removing Socks or Compression Stocking | Easy Putting On Stocking Donner (Pack of 1)

NO MORE BENDING/EXTEND YOUR REACH: If you have trouble bending, limited flexibility, or limited reach, the BodyHealt Flexible Aid with the two 29″ long loop handles can help you regain independence by allowing you to easily put on and take off your socks without bending or needing assistance from someone else.

NON-SLIP HANDLE: The large loop handles allow for easier grip and pull that’s gentle on your hands so the Handle will not slip out of your hands.

WORKS WITH ALL SOCKS: The flexible design of the BodyHealt Sock Aid makes it easy to use on ankle length socks, knee length socks, booties, crew cut socks, calf length socks, athletic socks, trouser socks, dress socks, quarter-length socks, and no show socks.

EASILY PUT ON SOCKS: The BodyHealt Sock Aid sock donner is covered with terry cloth for a gentle yet firm grip on your socks that lets you easily pull them up without tearing the fabric.

HIGH QUALITY DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Durable long lasting frame for everyday use, smooth, nylon fabric reduces foot and heel friction. Terrycloth exterior fabric holds your sock in place. Easy for the socks to slide onto the sock aid.

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