Solar Ground Lights, 8 LED Disk Lights Solar Powered & Waterproof Garden Pathway Outdoor in-Ground Lights with Light Sensor

High Efficiency & Replaceable Battery – Each solar garden light has a built-in 600 mAh battery when replacing it use only the type:600 mAh Ni-MH battery. These outdoor lights turn on automatically at night, the number of hours the lights stay on depends on the amount of sunlight received the day before. Up to a max of approx. 6-8hours.

Waterproof & Protection Design – IP65 waterproof and high strength ABS make it suitable for outdoor use.It can effectively isolate the water and mist.Recommend placing the solar light in a frost-free environment to reduce the possibility of damage.

Easy to install & Mounting Position – It just need only 15~20 seconds to install the ground light on your desire location with spike.Position your outdoor lights in a location where it can be exposed to maximum sunlight during the day.

Keep the Solar Panel Clean – Wiping it regularly with a damp cloth.A dirty panel will reduce the amount of sunlight available to charge the unit’s batteries.Disk Lights provide perfect lighting for your courtyard,gardens,sidewalks,lawns and corridors,etc.

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