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Solemender Roller to Ease Foot Pain Seen On Shark Tank

The Solemender is an exciting new way to treat plantar fasciitis pain.

After watching his mother roll a  frozen toy on her foot to alleviate foot pain, he discovered that the medical community often recommends freezing a water bottle and rolling the only of the foot about it to treat foot pain such as for instance plantar fasciitis.


Ehan, a lifelong idea guy, believed that a re-freezable roller with a nonskid base would be a more effective, less messy alternative than a frozen water bottle.

Ehan prototyped his invention at home. The SOLEMENDER® is an exciting new way to treat plantar fasciitis pain.
Ehan hopes that his idea will help relieve pain in millions of people suffering from this condition.

If you have sore feet you will want to check this product out. Get relief to foot pain with this unique cooling-roller to treat foot pain. A soothing treatment for foot pain a cold foot massager. SOLEMENDER® was invented at the age of twelve by Ehan Kamat.

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