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Spicy Shelf Deluxe – Expandable Spice Rack

Is your Spicy Shelf Deluxe natural? See the description to learn how to tell a fake (and low quality) one from a REAL Spicy Shelf Deluxe.

  • New and improved Spicy Shelf Deluxe! Five times stronger than the original. Now holds up to 40 pounds and has a “non-slip” surface!

Spicy Shelf Deluxe is not just for Spices. With over a million already sold, satisfied customers everywhere use their Spicy Shelve to organize EVERYTHING in their cabinets! Spices, pill & supplement bottles, fingernail polish, crafts, and more!

One set of 2 shelves. Stackable, or side by side. 2 different size legs for short or tall spice bottles.

· Efficient Use of Vertical Space: Standard cabinet designs waste vertical space above stored items. Spicy Shelf Deluxe double spice rack brings that space to use while giving you easy access to each stored spice.

· 5x Stronger: Spicy Shelf Deluxe large spice rack can hold up to 64 spices thanks to its sturdy new design, making it five times more potent than the original spice rack. It can hold up to 40 lbs.

New Non-Slip Surface: Bottles do not slide around on the shelves with this new grey rubber “non-slip” surface of the shelf organizer. It helps items stay put.

Organize up to 64 spices and see them all at a glance! Spicy Shelf Deluxe is the ultimate stackable cabinet organizer! It can turn a mess of spices into an organized masterpiece!


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