Steak a Fork in It: Mouthwatering Steak Recipes for the Carnivore in All of Us

Crowd Pleaser Summer Steaks for the Grill Summer is a great time of year for outdoor barbecues. And what is one of the most popular foods cooked on the grill?

Did I hear someone say Steak? You guessed it. But do you want to cook it plain? Sure you can buy a few different flavors of barbecue sauce, but that gets ‘same ole’ after a while.

Did you know that there is more than one way to cook a steak? Yes, of course you did. All you need is a good cookbook and the willingness to try something different.

Create your own super tasty sauces and marinades that are way better then store bought! Plus add a few other secret ingredients to help spice up your meal. Inside you will find some amazing Steak Recipe favorites … ENJOY!!

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