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Superthotics Customizable Orthotic Inserts Arch Support Shoe Insoles

As Seen On TV, Superthotics – Relieve Pain With Every Step You Take!

DOCTOR-INVENTED Customizable ORTHOTICS: Superior tonight splints, orthotic inserts ease discomfort while giving comfort and also security

EASES ALL KINDS OF PAIN: By putting the foot in the excellent position, they lower agonizing arches, bunions, hammertoe, neuroma, tendonitis pain in the arc, and bone stimulates

Align The Body to Relieve & Foot, Hip, Knee, and Back Pain Plantar Fasciitis Relief

FITS ALL SIZE SHOES FOR MEN OR WOMEN: Forget  awkward compression socks SUPERTHOTICS fit right into your footwear so you can use them with uniformity

Superthotics® was developed by doctors with a patented innovation that instantly corrects your foot and ankle alignment. The rest of your body can be relieved from pain from your feet throughout your entire body. Superthotics® is available WITHOUT a doctor’s visit but provides the benefits of a doctor-designed custom orthotic and is the only one on the market like it today.

Align The Body to Relieve Foot, Hip, Knee, and Back Pain Plantar Fasciitis Relief

Superthotics® relieves painful problems like bunions, stress fractures, hammertoes, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, etc. And, Superthotics® are clinically effective at reducing pain like custom orthotics AND at a fraction of the cost of doctor-prescribed orthotics.

  • Instantly realign your feet to relieve pain, restore balance, and provide stability and comfort through your whole body.
  • Patented, customizable Biodynamic Balance Inserts support arches.
  • Proprietary Bio-Lock Heel Cup stabilizes the heel and ankle.
  • Metatarsal support helps distribute force across the entire foot.
  • Provides doctor-designed custom orthotic benefits without a doctor’s visit
  • Helps relieve painful problems like bunions, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and more

PROPRIETARY PATENTED DOCTOR DESIGN: Unique Biodynamic Balance inserts maintain your arcs from breaking down and deal with the angle at which your foot strikes the ground, alleviating pain with every move

STURDY CONSTRUCTION: comfy, high-tech polymer assured to last a lifetime

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