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Tac Amplifier Enhances Hearing Instantly

As Seen On TV Tac Amplifier

The Smallest Tactical Innovation That Gives You Enhanced Hearing As You’ve Never Experienced Before! This versatile, small amplifier is the ideal dimension for any pocket!

Bell and Howell Tactical Amplifier

Place the Tac Amplifier in your ear for advanced hearing like never before! Dial Tac Amplifier all the way up to detect the slightest movement or choose a smaller boost to stay on general alert. Tac Amplifier is so discreet and comfortable, no one will ever know you’re wearing it. Tac Amplifier lets you enjoy TV at the right volume, hear better in a noisy room and get a tactical advantage in the field. Tac Amplifier is ideal for any situation! 

  • Powerful and easy to use the adjustable volume boost
  • Discreet, comfortable design
  • Gives you a tactical advantage in the field
  • Helps you hear better in a noisy room
  • Lets you enjoy TV at the right volume for everyone

Tac Amplifier hearing is even better than regular hearing. Tired of turning up the sound on your tv and you still can not hear that well? With the Tac Amplifier, you can turn the volume down on your tv and still hear better.

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