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TAC Flip Up Glasses Polarized Sunglasses for Men

It’s challenging and has an extra-durable frame and corrosion-proof lenses developed for extreme sports! Even if you already use glasses, it easily fits precisely on top of it for maximum eye protection and aesthetic clarity.

The blue lens is ideal for daytime usage. You can stay classy and safe while driving throughout the day. Get protection with the polarized lens that can shield your eyes from hazardous rays. Block the harmful UV rays with the light-filtering modern technology obstructs glare so you can see clearer. Always see vibrant colors outdoors while driving, trekking, traveling, or biking.

  • Fits over existing eyewear
  • Flip out of the way and snap right back into place
  • Amazing light-filtering technology
  • Lets you see clearly without any glare
  • Enhances colors


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