Do Infomercials Deserve a Little More Respect?

Depending on who you ask, the infomercial industry could be worth anything from $200 billion, to $250 billion, or even $300 billion. Whatever the number, that’s pretty big. And as Jon Nathanson (now Slate columnist) pointed out in his exhaustive breakdown of the economics of infomercials on Priceonomics, in comparison, the U.S. network and cable …

Retired astronaut Chris Hadfield stars in Tourism Ireland Commercial Ad

Tourism Ireland has tapped retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield to promote the ‘Emerald Isle’ in a series of promotional online videos which launched this week. It sounds like an odd choice for appointments, but Hadfield became the darling of Ireland last year when he tweeted photos of the country on St. Patrick’s Day during his …

Got Milk Commercial Ad Gets A Brand New Tagline

Everyone knows the familiar slogan and advertisement. Everyone knows the familiar slogan and advertisement “Got Milk?” This iconic tagline is now being replaced with a new one that will hopefully boost milk sales. Milk consumption is slowly declining and the sales have gone down about 1% each year for the past two years.  

bacon edible bowl

Gadget Inventors Reach Customers Through TV Commercial Ads

Many of the most innovative gadgets sold in America today are specialty items — generally marketed through extravagant late-night TV commercials. These items also are sold through bulk mail advertisements that use the slogan “as seen on TV!” The business can generate big profits for those who come up with successful products. TV ads offer …

Two-Minute Spots Are Booming! 2 Minute Commercials

Marketers are spending more now than ever on two-minute ads. In a time where consumers are constantly demanding video content, but less is typically more, we think the announcement we plan to make next week will surprise you. We’ve said for a long time, two-minute commercials are king.