Wink Frozen Desserts 100 Calorie Pint Sugar and Fat Free Dessert Shark Tank

Wink Frozen Desserts By eliminating the top 8 most common allergens, we’re able to make a plant based ice cream that is sugar and fat free, while being only 100 calories per pint! Healthier alternative to ice cream! Only 100 calories for the entire pint! Naturally free of the top 8 most common allergens, while …

Does it Work? Tervis Tumbler and Ice Cream Magic Maker

Teacher Linda Engelmann has her coffee mug and a jug of ice water going throughout the day, as she teaches fifth and sixth graders at Altenburg public school. With the new Tervis Tumbler, she could drink both hot and cold liquids with no worries of the cups dripping water beads all over her desk.