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The 10 Grossest Television Commercials

Ah, the television commercial. That marvelous invention of brand management, ad exec enthusiasm and soul-sucking attention-grabbing. Commercials can make us laugh, make us cry and, most commonly of all, make us worry we’re failing ourselves and our loved ones if we don’t buy the right thing. Yet in a medium meant to provoke reaction and sway consumer behavior, there are a few that stand out for the willies they produce, for the inner shudders they provoke. Paste has gathered the worst (best?) offenders together because, hey, why not get it all out?

Pop Goes the Pus Rocket — Oh, Oxy Face Wash… 
The human body has plenty of liquids and semi-solids at its disposal, and in terms of ick factor, you might think those that can manifest in quantity have the advantage over lesser reservoirs of … stuff. But move over puke, poo and pee—you’ve got nothing on pus! This commercial gives the gross-out power of pus its due. God, why?

Guthy Renker Corporation

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