The Bedazzling Queen is Trump’s top Iowa staffer

The person running Donald ’s campaign once recorded an infomercial for the Bedazzler.

It’s not every day that one receives a gift. However, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Donald Trump’s decision to run for President is the gift that keeps on giving luxurious, classy gifts that everyone agrees are terrific.

Case in point: the above infomercial for a product called The Bedazzler. The commercial is hosted by a woman named , who is now in charge of Trump’s campaign in . Trump knows Goertz because she appeared on The Apprentice, where she lost, and Trump fired her.

The Amazing Stud and Rhinestone Setter

The Bedazzler is a home appliance which is used to fasten rhinestones, studs, and patches to clothes and other material. Add brilliant rhinestones and gleaming studs to any outfit.