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The Bedazzling Queen is Trump’s top Iowa staffer

The person running Donald Trump’s campaign once recorded an infomercial for the Bedazzler.

It’s not every day that one receives a gift. However, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Donald Trump’s decision to run for President is the gift that keeps on giving luxurious, classy gifts that everyone agrees are terrific.

Case in point: the above infomercial for a product called The Bedazzler. The commercial is hosted by a woman named Tana Goertz, who is now in charge of Trump’s campaign in Iowa. Trump knows Goertz because she appeared on The Apprentice, where she lost, and Trump fired her.

The Amazing Stud and Rhinestone Setter

The Bedazzler is a home appliance which is used to fasten rhinestones, studs, and patches to clothes and other material. Add brilliant rhinestones and gleaming studs to any outfit.

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