The Most Effective Sealer – Flex Seal

Flex Seal Spray is undoubtedly a unique sealer that is liquefied rubber in a spray can. Did you know that over 10 million cans have been sold?

Check out the new product from the makers of Flex Seal, Swift Response has just recently introduced their even thicker caulking sealer called Flex Shot.

I first remember flex seal was introduced to be from a television commercial with Phil Swift in a boat and the bottom of the boat was a screen door that was sprayed with flex seal. Guess what he stayed afloat. I thought it was a very amazing commercial and was a brilliant advertisement for the product.

So just how does the sealer work? You just spray the sealer on any item that needs to be sealed. Spray it on cracks, holes, or surfaces with splits. You end up getting a watertight rubberized coating.

Flex Seal is a perfect rubberized sealant for many household leaks. This product has been selling off store shelves and also many cans have been sold online.

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