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The Overweight Mind: The Undeniable Truth Behind Why You’re Not Losing Weight

You’re About to “Strike it Rich” In the Most Important Lottery on Earth…

What does it feel like to strike it rich in the world of health and wellness? Does it mean improved sleep? What about being able to walk longer, enjoy a day out at the lake, or just keep up with the family on a lazy weekend? Health is wealth, no way around it. Striking it rich in health is always on your terms. What would better health mean to you, right now? Hold on to that answer, because this book will help you get to that destination.


So, let’s get to the point: are you getting rich…or finding yourself struggling to keep your head above water? What does your health profit and loss statement really look like at the moment?

If things aren’t as rosy as you would like them to be, you’re not alone. For decades, the health and fitness industry has been promising you riches, but giving you pocket change. You’ve probably run into things like, “Lose 20 pounds in 20 days,” “Guaranteed 6-pack in 6 weeks,” and “Drop three dress sizes in 4 weeks!” These are just some of the sneaky slogans that are siphoning away valuable health dollars, sometimes right before your very eyes!

It’s old.
It’s tiresome.
It changes now.

A Missing Piece, Now Revealed

Mainstream fitness programs have one major flaw: they only address one part of the greater health equation. It’s all physical, with little variation: just move a little more, eat a little less, and you’ll be on your way to a huge health jackpot.

But what about the mind?
The biggest mistake made in the pursuit of better health is not using your mind to the fullest. The human mind has far more to do with weight loss and developing a healthier lifestyle than it may seem at first glance. That’s exactly what this book will help you understand.

When you pick up, The Overweight Mind: The Undeniable Truth Behind Why You’re Not Losing Weight, you’ll learn how:

  • The very people you share your daily life with are keeping you fat (even when they “sound happy for you”)
  • Your own closely-held beliefs are stretching your belt (and the rest of your wardrobe)
  • The very thoughts that buzz noisily around your mind are slowly devouring your chances at being thin
  • The everyday words you say are adding pounds and inches
  • Habits you don’t even think twice about are affecting your health
  • The mindset you build – or disassemble – affects your physical health (for better or worse!)

Beyond the Basics

There’s more to it than just moving more. All the crunches in the world can’t move you towards the real gems of better health. Crash diets are only short-term, if they even work at all. Every single chapter in The Overweight Mind is designed to showcase your mind’s true potential and its role in your weight loss.
Above all? No get thin quick schemes. No gimmicks. Health is wealth. Get ready to get rich.

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