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Thermapulse Relief Wrap Extra-Long Heat Wrap

Thermapulse Relief Wrap Extra-Long Heat Wrap contoured fit gets to those hard-to-reach areas!

Massaging Heat Therapy For Your Shoulders, Neck & Back!

Relief Wrap soothes your back, neck, and shoulder tension! Help those achy muscles and joints find relief. Relax, improve circulation, stimulate blood flow, and much more with the help of Relief Wrap! The extra-large soft plush design provides full coverage of your problem areas, relieving symptoms quickly with two heat and four massage settings. Relief Wrap has weighted edges, so it stays in place, a digital LED controller, and a 2-hour auto-off. Use it anywhere!

Relief Wrap incorporates cutting-edge warmth therapy with luxurious micro-plush textiles to surround you with heat and comforting material to get rid of tension! You can unwind and also get spa-like relaxation right in the convenience of your very own residence! The two warm setups and four massage degrees allow you to personalize your treatment based on the intensity you require to start feeling far better!

COMBINES INNOVATIVE warm treatment with elegant micro-plush material to surround you with warmth and relaxing convenience to melt away tension.

USE IT ANYWHERE, the 9 ft. long cord and controller enables the freedom of motion so you can sit or lay down and also utilize it anywhere!

Relief Wrap 4 massage settings get you the ideal degree of strength to make the most of the results! Activate Relief Wrap, choose between High & Steady, Lo & Steady, High & Pulse, Low & Pulse, and massage therapy directly on the locations you feel of tension and pressure for maximum alleviation!

Relief Wrap enhances blood flow to the sore locations of your body, triggering muscle mass to loosen up as well as healing to take place faster. It aids loosen muscular tissues, soothe achy joints, decrease swelling, boost blood flow, and function away tightness and stress. The two warm setups allow you to customize your therapy based on the degree of intensity you require to begin feeling far better!


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