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Total Gym Pilates Lean Mean Exercise Machine

Total Gym made its debut on TV 15 years ago! Check Out the 30 Day Trial for Only $1!


The can be found in over 4 million homes. With over $1.2 billion in sales, it has become one of the industry’s longest running home fitness successes.

Total Gym’s roots began in rehabilitation centers where its main focus was aiding those recovering from physical injuries and obstacles.


Total Gym was the perfect workout tool for several reasons:
the smooth, gliding motion was easy on the joints,
the various height levels accommodated every fitness level,
the padded glideboard provided excellent support for the back,
it was easy on the body because you use various percentages of your body weight as resistance, and
there are so many exercises you can perform for every part of your body.

After years of success in the rehabilitation field, its weight loss and strength building benefits overwhelmed its users.

The product’s inventors, Tom Campanaro and Larry Westfall introduced Chuck Norris to Total Gym over 30 years ago. Chuck has continued to use the Total Gym since he was first introduced 30 years ago, as his primary home fitness gym! He calls it his, “lean, mean ”. Over 15 years ago, was introduced to Total Gym and has had the same reaction. She’s used Total Gym to stay lean and fit, even through two children and a hectic schedule.

Total Gym 30 Day Trial for Only $1



Chuck Norris



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