Trusty Cane Pivoting Cane You Can Trust!

 Trusty Cane! It’s the cane you can trust!

It happens all the time, you let go for just a second and your cane takes a tumble.

Other canes fall down and are hard to pick up, but Trusty Cane stands by your side. Trusty Cane makes it easier to do the things you like, and the triple tread design improves stability.

You’ll feel secure on a slippery slope, a rocky path, on steps and stones, or a grassy hill. Now you can enjoy the freedom to go anywhere you like with Trusty Cane at your side.

You can get in the front door without your cane falling on the floor. Trusty Cane even makes it easier to stand up from a sitting position.

Trusty Cane’s unique design folds up and travels easily. And then it springs into action and you’re ready to go! It adjusts to your size and locks in place.

Everyone knows someone who needs a Trusty Cane. Other canes can cost three times the price of Trusty Cane and don’t have its amazing features like triple tread design, extra-wide base, or pivoting head. It’s also available in classic black and the new, stylish, butterfly garden design. And now Trusty Cane lights the night ahead with FREE built-in LEDs! So get out and enjoy more out of life with Trusty Cane!

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