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Turbo Scrub 360 Cordless, Rechargeable Floor Scrubber & Tile Cleaning Machine

The water-resistant head-on the power scrubber maker takes the job out of cleansing and gives you even more time to kick back and appreciate your glossy new floors!

POWERFUL: The Turbo Scrub 360 Power Scrubber supplies a more effective battery life than many standard cleaning brushes, helping it run it up to 60 mins on a single charge.

DURABLE AND VERSATILE: The Turbo Scrub 360 Power Scrubber is more versatile and reliable than a traditional cleaning brush and eliminates the hassle of hands-on scrubbing up. It replaces all various other cleaning brushes in residence, developed to be fantastic for several of your interiors and exterior cleaning needs.

LIGHTWEIGHT, CORDLESS, AND RECHARGEABLE: The Turbo Scrub 360 power scrubber is lightweight, cordless, and rechargeable.

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