Turbo Snake: Does it work?

Turbo Snake: Does it work?

The Turbo Snake is a flexible, coated wire with a velcro-like tip that’s supposed to grab all the hair- and whatever else is causing the clog in your bathroom drain. For about $6, you get 2 snakes- one for the bathroom sink, and one for the shower and tub.

The commercial says: “Simply slide the Turbo Snake down the drain, then just give it a twirl, and the Turbo Snake grabs the clog and frees the drain. It’s that easy!”

In my attempt to clear a slow-draining sink, the Turbo Snake slid easily down the drain and when I extracted it, I pulled up a gross clump of hair, toothpaste and shaving cream residue, and who knows what. A second dip produced even more hair and gunk. And with dip number three, I think I hit the mother load.

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