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Underlight – Motion Activated Accent Lighting

Underlight is the motion activated accent lighting for your home.


Exapandable to accommodate any space or project idea.

Motion Activated Accent Lighting For Your Home

A beautiful battery operated LED accent light for your home that’s motion activated.

Easy to install anywhere – no plugs, tools or electrician needed
Highest Quality low wattage LED lights that last “thousands” of hours
Motion activated On and Off – you set the time
Exclusive motion sensor technology lets you set the sensitivity and distance
Expand by connecting additional strips to same power pack – includes 90 degree connector
Battery Operated LED light with night and motion sensor last months under regular use

Each strip has the highest quality low wattage LED lights that last thousands of hours, and is simple to install with no plugs or tools needed.

Underlight has exclusive motion sensor technology that lets you set the sensitivity and distance, and has a motion activated on and off that let’s you set the time.

Special Offer Underlight


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