As Seen On TV, Household

Uninex PS108 6-Outlet Swivel Side Socket Surge Protector Wall Tap, ETL Listed

Side Socket – Space Saving Swivel Power Strip – As Seen On TV

Three swivels, three side rise shielded electrical outlets for practical angles
300 Joules surge security, ETL listed. Side-entry conserves room behind furniture as well as fixture

Creates extra space behind challenging to get areas

Lifts wire up off of flooring; simple and very easy to connect

Plugging in electronics in tight areas makes you twist and get so aggravated. Pushing around bulky furniture and bulky cables can drive you crazy! Not anymore! Stop the madness! Change it up with the Side Socket, the swiveling multi-plug miracle that makes it possible for you to maneuver cords and furniture flush against the wall. It’s never been less elaborate to plugin, pivot, and connect up to six plugs. You are turning a tangled mess into a field-saving masterpiece. Side Socket’s distinct swiveling motion creates extra room and the position you need most.


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