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VibraRazer Pro Series Best Hand Held Power Tool Seen On TV

VibraRazer® is a lightweight and powerful hand-held power tool with fully adjustable blades and works in the tightest spaces!

The Incredible Hand-Held Power Tool That Cuts, Sands, Scrapes & Grinds Like No Other Tool That You’ve Ever Used

Save time and money doing precise, professional jobs yourself!


Remove worn out caulk from tubs and sinks
Sand down old cabinets
Remove and replace old flooring and carpet
Plunge cut without hitting wires for replacing a new outlet
And so much more!

VibraRazer is perfect for all you indoor and outdoor projects, saving you time and money doing difficult, precise professional jobs yourself.

A lightweight, powerful hand-held power tool that cuts, sands, scrapes and grinds like no other tool. The fully adjustable blades work in the tightest places, and aren’t dangerous rotary cutting blades or jagged reciprocating blades.


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