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Virtual Pinball Machines by VPcabs Seen on Shark Tank

VPCABS Virtual Pinball – #1 Virtual Pinball Machine company in the Universe! Specializing in Virtual Pinball, Arcade and Custom Machines / Cabinets. Shark Tank.

The Vertigo is a ground up innovation from VPcabs. We love Pinball and arcade games but sometimes space requires us to choose. Well not anymore!! The Vertigo combines state of the art pinball games with all your favorite classic arcade games from the 80’s and 90’s!

Don’t let the name fool you. The VPcabs Classic is no pinball slouch. It may not quite be a Wizard but it has a few tricks to show off! With 3 displays that change with every game, the Classic will dazzle your eyeballs with stunning High Definition graphics.Choose from hundreds of classic pinball games and the entire state of the art Pinball FX2 library!

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