Women’s Health 28 Day Fat Torch with Hannah Eden

Your fastest method to an unbelievable body, The 28-DAY FAT TORCH is a metabolic training program you won’t find anywhere else. The clever

and also efficient exercises can shock your fat cells, form lean muscular tissue, and make you yearn for more!

Flatten Your Belly, Sculpt Your Legs, Tone Your Arms (DVD)

Health expert Hannah Eden, THE 28-DAY FAT TORCH includes a special mix of exercises created to assist you to trim your tummy, , as well as get all over! 5 exercises on 28 Day Fat Torch DVD. Four of them take 20-30 mins to finish. The last workout, the Metabolic Monster, is 40 mins long. The run time of the whole DVD is 120 mins or 2 hours.

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