Xero Shoes the Barefoot Running Shoe Seen on Shark Tank

Xero Shoes are available in a range of styles and designs for men, women and children. Although originally developed for barefoot running, the sandals are capable of multiple uses including walking, hiking, yoga and working out.


The original Vibram Cherry design based on a 4 millimetres (1660;in) sole depth is the original DIY kit, supplied with a “square” of material for the sole plus full sizing and cutting instructions; The nylon/polypropylene laces wrap the foot and ankle, to create arguably the simplest in the world. The 4 millimetres (1660;in) “Connect” and 6 millimetres (2460;in) “Contact” shoes are based on the original design, but offer a pre cut sole in different depths using the FeelTrue rubber sole.

The shoes can also be ordered as a custom design option. The “Sensori Venture” range is the companies first ready to wear barefoot , ergonomically designed with a silicone heel to be capable of multiple uses including high impact paddling, biking and 100 mile ultramarathons. The company also offers a range of accessories, shoe care, foot care and a developing range of clothing.

The first “Cherry” design consists of a thin rubber sole and nylon polypropylene laces. The brands style was then developed using a colourful bead stringing design.

http://www.xeroshoes.com – Here’s how to measure your feet to get a perfect fit for your Xero Shoes barefoot sandals. Get the fun and benefits of barefoot running.


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