Yoga 4 Love Tools for Mind, Body and Spirit: For a Holistic Lifestyle

‘Expanding Horizons, Inspiring Positive Change’

Welcome to the much needed instruction manual for those who are ready to delve deeper into a personal practice of yoga, meditation and spirituality. This is so much more than the yoga of the physical postures!

Experience a strong connection to the Divine Feminine through this book which has arisen from a desire to bring the ancient teachings of the Goddess within to people of the 21st century.

The depth and simplicity of these traditional and new teachings are appropriate whether you are new to yoga or an advanced practitioner.

Learn yogic philosophy while gaining personal growth. Receive guidance and wisdom with teachings written straight from Spirit. Practice Sanskrit, mantra, mindfulness and clean eating and get in rhythm with the cycles of nature.

The tools offered are written to read straight through or utilize each lesson independently. It’s like having a personal life coach right at your fingertips!

Join Lisa in fun and interactive sub-chapters on Mindfulness + Holistic Living as she takes you on a path to less stress and a healthy lifestyle. She will share applicable tools which she has discovered, learned and developed on her lifelong journey through her passions: being in nature; plant-based nutrition and clean eating; practicing yoga, energy work, and meditation.

Lisa incorporates a daily practice of quiet time and mindfulness. She utilizes many techniques, which she shares with you in the book. You can utilize these tools while preparing food, meditating and in yoga, as well as in the everyday moments in all your roles of daily life. Whether you are a mom, dad, pet owner, daughter, co-worker, entrepreneur or wife you will gain basic ways for slowing down, relieving stress, managing your energy and your calendar and ultimately your choices. You will be supplied with resources on becoming more intentional in mindful living, as well as receive coaching on how to move through her mini signature Intuitive Vinyasa Yoga sequences. This is a great read on how to go about creating space for what you love and how to have more joy in your life!

Baby steps are all you will need to take steps toward leaning into your aligned sacred path. Daily application is the most important, and taking the time upfront to go within to create your intention of Self-care. Through small, simple steps you will be headed on the path of what your heart desires and step into, or further, your personal journey toward health, happiness, and success via a holistic yogic inspired lifestyle.


  • Introduction: Lisa’s Story of Miracles
  • Chapter 1; Intro to Yoga, Pranayama, Bandhas, Mantras 101
  • Chapter 2; Yoga Sutras, Fire, Energy, Purification Process
  • Chapter 3; Chakras, Mudras, Vayus, the OM
  • Chapter 4; Feeding Your Chakras, What is Vinyasa Yoga
  • Chapter 5; Mindfulness, Moon Cycles, Rhythms, and Holistic Living
  • Chapter 6; Your Secret Sauce, Joy! Less Stress, More Success
  • Chapter 7; Yoga 4 Love Signature Class Formats + Sequence
  • Chapter 8; The Paths of Yoga, The Journey to Intuitive Vinyasa
  • Chapter 9; Clean Eating, Healthy Living, and Ayurveda 101
  • Chapter 10; Eight Limbs, The Yamas and Niyamas, History of Yoga
  • Chapter 11; Yoga Anatomy 101 and Our Immune System
  • Chapter 12; The Mind Body Spirit Connection
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