Yoga: Yin Yoga: Yin Yoga Mastery: Stress Relief, Peace Of Mind Flexibility

The world is a hectic place and everyone needs a way to unwind. However, what works for one person often does not work for someone else. Yin Yoga may be the answer which everyone is seeking but very few have heard of or understand yet.

Yoga has been practiced in one form or another for thousands of years; it originated in India although it did not become well known in the western world until the late twentieth century. In all probability the yoga that you have heard of focuses on the yang energy, which is a more superficial, raw energy than yin. Yin energy is much deeper and more passive. Of course, they are two sides of one coin and the best exercise for your body and mind is a combination of both.

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To undertake Yin Yoga you must understand its origins, philosophy and the effect of the main poses. This book will teach you these things. It starts with a brief history of Yin Yoga and how it was brought to the west; it is essential to understand this history in order to appreciate the foundations of this style of yoga. It then covers the philosophy of Yin Yoga and the importance of adopting this or any other exercise routine to fit your own needs; both emotionally and spiritually. Perhaps more important is the need to understand and identify with the principles of yin yoga and the best approach to adopt when undertaking these exercises.

There are three main physiological benefits to undertaking yin yoga and this book looks at all three. It also considers the main benefits to the human body as has been shown by a wealth of research into yoga. Yin yoga has not been sufficiently researched to be able to ascertain the exact effects of practicing it, however, many of the research elements applied to yoga are also true of yin yoga. The book looks at the main benefits associated with undertaking these exercises and even goes as far as to show you twenty-five of the most popular positions.

In short, this book will give you everything you need to know to both understand and practice Yin Yoga. Keep it handy, practice the poses and you will be surprised at the results!


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