Fizzics Get Draft Tap Beer from a Bottle or a Can Seen On Shark Tank

Fizzics® is a revolutionary beer system. Changing the way people drink beer. Superior quality beer from any can, bottle or growler. Fizzics Micro-Foam technology dramatically improves the flavor, taste, and mouth-feel of any carbonated beer, to a level that surpassed their greatest expectations!  The technology enhances the carbonation and aroma of beer while providing a smooth, …

How Heineken Drafts Its Viral Branding

In the 19th century, the beer industry wasn’t run by multi-billion-dollar conglomerates that could brew and ship millions of bottles with the push of a button. At that time, the budding industry was spearheaded by entrepreneurial brewers who had to invent recipes, brewing processes and taste profiles before they ever shipped a single bottle.