Nayden Bax Earring Lifters – 2 Pairs of Adjustable Earring Lifts – 1 Pair of Sterling Silver Plated and 1 Pair of Gold Plated

HYPOALLEGENIC non-irritating earring backs INCLUDED 1 pair of 18k gold and 1 pair of sterling silver ADJUSTABLE for all earring sizes COMFORTABLE to wear, no pain or marks on ears HELPS with heavy earrings and stretched lobes Buy Now from Amazon

Kids Swap Online Consignment Trading Service

Buy, sell and swap pre-owned kids’ stuff! Valet Service is the easiest and safest way to trade baby and kids’ toys, clothes and gear. Kid’s Valet Service makes online trading of pre-owned kids’ items more convenient, safe and profitable than ever before. Customers simply send their items to them, and they’ll sort, photograph, list, …

TeleBrands’ Vice President Poonam Khubani Recognized As Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs Of New Jersey

Poonam Khubani, Vice President of TeleBrands International and President of International Edge, has been recognized as one of the Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs of New Jersey according to the Leading Women Entrepreneurs Initiative (LWENJ).

Tell Us Who The Most Creative Person In Advertising Is Right Now

Business Insider is putting out a call to the ad world to tell us who are the most creative people in advertising right now. They can work in traditional television commercials, be Facebook marketing mavens, or the masterminds behind viral prankvertisements

Jat Mann: Does branding and customer service have a connection?

PC Pal’s MD discuses the relationship between branding and customer service. In my last two columns, I have discussed what branding is all about and how to ensure you can implement the key ingredients to creating a strong brand. But there is a third dimension to branding that is often overlooked. This element is the …