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1TAC HL1200 Headlamp is now selling at 75% OFF

HL1200 Head Lamp Durable, Lightweight and Powerful

The HL1200 from is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, injection moulded plastic and a 3-way adjustable headband, delivering the consumer the most durable and comfortable on the market.

Additionally, the 1200 lumen CREE XM-L2 Led produces a light so bright that not only guides your way in pitch black darkness but also will help to stun just about any type of threat.

In addition to 3 powerful modes (High, Medium and Strobe) the adjustable 90ยบ light along with 1x-200x zoom, gives the user complete control of the angle and distance of the beam making this the MOST versatile headlamp available.

hl1200 headlamp

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