AJ Khubani and Telebrands

Telebrands’ products are marketed on tv, in print and in retail chains worldwide in over 120 various nations. In the As Seen On TV section in stores like Walmart and you are sure to see a few products that are from Telebrands.


Did you know it was Telebrands that came up with that recognizable “As Seen On TV” logo, you mainly see in red and white.

The late and great was part of the Telebrands family and was one of their top pitchman. Telkebrands aired a special tribute to Billy, “Pitchman: A Tribute to ” aired with comments from good friends, co-workers and family. Telebrands TV show called The Pitchmen, just ended their first season when Billy passed. Telebrand’s tried for a second season but without the unique chemistry from Billy and the show just could not survive. The show, PitchMen was canceled after 2 seasons.

AJ Khubani has appeared on Fox 5 News San Diego where he discussed in detail Telebrands Inventors Day. This was for everyday inventors to introduce their ideas and inventions.

Currently, Telebrands is one of the leaders in a $20 billion plus direct consumer advertising and marketing industry. Some of Telebrands hits have included  Doggy Steps, AmberVision sunglasses, One-Second Needle, the PedEgg, Jupiter Jack, Aluma Wallet, InstaBulb, Lint Lizard, Pet dog Rider, Pocket Hose and a lot more.



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