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BeardHead.The Hat with Attached Beard on Shark Tank

The original Beard Head! The amazing beanie, cap and hat, all rolled into a magnificent detachable beard facemask! Stay toasty, wear a beard!

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The Beardhead Story:

Back in 2006, while on a skiing/snowboarding trip in Lake Tahoe, Beard Head’s creator, David Stankunas, struggled keeping an (admittedly stylish) skeleton-tooth bandana on his face while carving up the mountains on a blustery snowy day.

Epic Beardheads

The bandana kept falling out of place, constantly became too loose, grew moist with condensation, and was just uncomfortable. With a background in product design and corporate experience in the apparel industry at his disposal, and with plenty of time to brainstorm (i.e. stew in his frustration) while sitting on chair lifts in-between runs, David’s frustration soon turned to elation as the idea for Beard Head®, the first ever bearded headwear brand, was formed.



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