Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer with Air Resistance System

Patented elliptical motion design

Chain driven fan wheel runs quietly and smoothly

Dual-action handlebars allow upper and lower body workouts

Includes a workout video to guide user on product usage

Measures 35.63 x 20.1 x 57.7 (L x W x H)


max elliptical trainers

The smartest, fastest, and most effective workout!

The Max Trainer® M7 is our top-of-the-line model featuring enhanced dual-mode LCD/LED displays, commercial grade handles, new aerobar grips with burn rate and resistance level adjustments, sports performance racing pedals, two additional workout programs, and four more levels of resistance. The M7 burns AND learns thanks to its all-new performance targeted programming. As you train, the M7 stores and response to you, coaching and adjusting to your needs, to push you to your MAX in every workout. Use the FREE Bowflex Max Trainer® 2 app to track total time, calories and more.

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