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Boobypack The Fanny Pack For Your Top Rack on Shark Tank


The only place to buy a bra with pockets (rack pack, motorboat tote, top-shelf fannypack… you get the idea).

Special Offer BoobyPack

The Boobypack is THE fanny pack for your rack. (AKA the motorboat tote, mammary camry, rack pack… you get the idea). A sports bra/crop top with zipper-enclosed, water-resistant pockets on either side, the Boobypack keeps your valuables safe so you can worry about more important things, like fist pumping or eating GU or how the heck you’re gunna dismount from this guy’s shoulders in a graceful fashion.

It’s perfect for the gym, music festivals, sports games and traveling because the pockets are big enough to fit a passport and sleek enough to hide it.


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