Consumer Reports: As Seen-On-TV Cleaning Tools

Watch enough television, and you may start thinking cleaning your house can be a breeze with the “right tools.” TV commercials and infomercials are touting all sorts of products to help you get the job done. But before you spend a dime, Consumer Reports ShopSmart has the 411.

Hurricane Mop by Telebrands

Hurricane Spin Mop 360 Degree Rotating Mop

With the amazing Hurricane Spin Mop, you’ll never have to bend your back while mopping the floor again! The Hurricane Mop cleans, dries and polishes all in one easy step. The Hurricane Spin Mop is a system that cleans practically anything and everything and uses the patented centrifugal spinning dryer technology to help ensure you …

OrGreenic Green Frying Pan Cookware

Get healthy with natural ceramic non-stick cookware. It’s super non-stick surface is a patented natural ceramic material that requires little or no oil, butter or grease to cook your food just right. OrGreenic As Seen on TV Green Frying Pan No more stuck food or chipping and peeling. Cook healthier with the orgreenic green frying …