Magic Bax Instant Earring Lift – Earring Lifters MagicBax

Magic Bax Earring Lifters

Safely & Comfortably Secure Earrings with certainty
They should, you need Magic Bax if you notice your earrings not sitting upright where.

The beauty that is must-have through that safely secures your earring to your earlobe, lifting them which will make them look better.

You’ll feel more beautiful and much more confident. Just replace any earring back with Magic Bax.

Simply slide Magic Bax onto any earring notice and post how your earring sits more upright, feels more secure, and looks more beautiful.

magic bax

Ideal for heavy earrings, bad piercings, and stretched lobes
Firmly secures earrings into place
Made to be comfortable & secure
Simply slide the earring post to the MagicBax, just like any earring back
Hypoallergenic & non-irritating
Built to be adjustable to fit any size earring post
Manufactured from Sterling Silver or gold that is 18K