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New Nuwave Elite Oven No Need to Defrost

The NuWave Oven Elite is a healthy and very efficient alternative to the outdated conventional oven. Besides reducing the bad cholesterol you get from some foods, it is also energy efficient, saving money on your electric bill because it uses the convection infrared heating method.

Buy a NuWave Elite Oven and get a FREE Elite Pizza Kit + Silicone Baking Kit!

Nuwave Elite Display

Go From Frozen To Fabulous! No Need To Defrost! 

Nuwave Ovens are well known for cooking many types of foods quickly and thoroughly. Another great feature is that you can cook frozen foods without defrosting. Cook based on the internal temperature of your food in precise 1°F increments. The Primo shuts off once your meat or poultry hits the desired temperature, so your food is perfect every time. With its 1500 Watts of cooking power, the NuWave Primo ensures that everything you make comes out fast and cooks to perfection, with a crispy, delicious outside and a succulent, juicy interior.

With the new powered non-stick grill plate, the Primo cooks your food in 4 different ways – from all sides – for perfect, crispy results. Never flip your food again! One hundred of the most popular recipes like chicken breasts, roasts, and steaks are pre-programmed into the Primo, so you never have to pre-plan dinner again. You can also program and save one hundred recipes of your own.


The difference between Primo and others comes down to


The Primo allows you to precisely control cooking temperature in 5°F increments for the oven and 1°F increments for the integrated temperature probe. The new and improved Power Dome has ventilation holes to release excess condensation while keeping the moisture and flavor locked in for that great grilled taste, and it’s large enough to cook a 10-pound chicken or roast!

Buy a NuWave Elite Oven and get a FREE Elite Pizza Kit + Silicone Baking Kit!

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