Shopkins are the Latest Toy Craze in Canada

Latest collectible ’ toy humanizes consumer products and draws in children with playful names and a YouTube cartoon series.

If you have kids under 10, chances are they know Shopkins. These consumer-themed collectibles made of plastic with cutesy faces have captured the imagination of young girls (and many boys) around the world. With playful names such as Lolli Poppins (lollipop), Leafy (toilet paper) and Beverley Heels (pumps), the universe is seemingly infinite. Season 3 of has just hit . These tiny are as hot as once was.

Season 3 of Shopkins has just hit Canada. These tiny toys are as hot as Pokemon once was.

ley Heels (pumps), the Shopkins universe is seemingly infinite.

Down-under idea Shopkins is the brainchild of Moose Toys, a family-run company in Melbourne, Australia.

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