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Stress Free Books for Kids Seen on Shark Tank

Stress Free Books, CDs, lesson plans, articles and tips help children reduce stress, decrease anger, lower anxiety and enjoy relaxation. Stress Free Kids has recently been picked up by borders.

Lori Lite, founder of Stress Free Kids provides fun parenting solutions to reduce stress and bring wellness to daily living. Her accessible tips, stories, and parent’s guide show families how to integrate relaxation exercises and activities effortlessly throughout the day.

Kids today are more stressed, overwhelmed, and struggling with anxiety than ever before. Children are not born with the coping strategies needed to navigate today’s increasing demands of technology, bullying, academics, and family dynamics. You yourself might wonder how your own stressed-out lifestyle is affecting your children. Based on Lori Lite’s award-winning series,

Stress Free Kids provides relaxation techniques you can use to free your child from stress.

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