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Dap Xhose Original Expandable Garden Hose

The Amazing Garden Hose – The Xhose

XHose the original expandable garden hose. It is lightweight, durable, kink free design allows the hose to expand up to three times its length!

Garden hoses are actually the simplest technique of irrigating and watering your garden and lawn.. But if your garden is rather huge, you might want to take advantage of having numerous garden hoses attached.  The threads at each end of a regular garden hose pipe conveniently connect with one another to make this possible.

A lot of garden hoses are not made for usage with warm or hot water, and their packaging should specify whether this is the case. Leaving non reinforced hoses in the hot sunshine while pressurized can trigger them to break. The xhose is made from a different material and should be fine.

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